FIGURE PAINTINGS FIGURE PAINTINGS THE WATER CARRIERS OF INDIA This was inspired during one of our trips to India when visiting Fatepur Sikri and three ladies had just walked out of a gate to the citadel. SOLD PICTURECRAFT GALLERY HOLT. 122167113 DANCING ON WATER Created in acrylic ink with thoughts of the more spiritual 'walking on water' in my mind. SOLD KINGS LYNN FESTIVAL WNAA SHOW. 122167112 TORVIL AND DEAN'S BOLERO Inspired by these iconic ice skaters when they won the Olympic's pairs skaters with this amazing interpretation of the Bolero. Painted in pastel. SOLD CAMBRIDGE OPEN STUDIOS 122167116 GATHERING AT THE MAGIC POOL Another inspirational piece created in acrylic ink during a visit from a fellow artist and friend when we were 'playing' with acrylic inks on Lana Vanguard ground . SOLD EASTERN OPEN 122167114 GREEK FIGURES These are only 8" x 20" little canvases making a pair based on alabaster figurines purchased during visit to Athens. SOLD SPALDING GALLERY 122167119 SHELTERING FROM THE HEAT OF THE DAY Painting size: 10" x 15" in acrylic ink. Another inspirational piece bringing thoughts of a trip to India when we stopped by a lake on a hot sultry day. SOLD 122167115 HAPPY HOUR Painting size: 20" x 10" in acrylic. To make a pair with Gone for a Beer. 122167118 FRESCO ANGELS Inspired by Christmas time show wishing to create something appropriate. Created in acrylic and modelling paste to imply worn old plaster walls in ancient building. SOLD PICTURECRAFT GALLERY HOLT 122167120 GONE FOR A BEER Painting size: 20" x 10" in acrylic. Inspired when deciding on more masculine subjects for the Open Studios Events. 122167117 THE LONE SURFER A little village on the coast of North Norfolk, where the lovely beach attracts many surfers, inspired a series of surfer paintings in acrylic ink on Lana Vanguard. SOLD VIA NOVA ART GROUP 122167121 COME ON SON - SURFERS Painting size: 10" x 10" acrylic ink. Another in the Mundesley surfer painting series. 122167122 BEACH CRICKET AT WELLS NEXT THE SEA 8" x 8" pen/watercolour sketch. This wonderful north Norfolk seaside town has a gorgeous sandy beach and a row of brightly coloured beach huts. Here is a pen and wash sketch of a family playing beach cricket. SOLD GARDEN HOUSE GALLERY CROMER 122168746 LANDING CRABS AT WELLS NEXT THE SEA QUAY Painting size: 8" x 8" watercolour and pen sketch. Early one evening when staying at a friend's cottage in Wells, watched the fishing boats come in with their crab catch. SOLD GARDEN HOUSE GALLERY CROMER 122168747 SUMMER ON CROMER PIER Pen and watercolour painting size: 8" x 8" plus double mount and frame. Now available from Garden House Gallery Cromer. SOLD WORSTEAD FESTIVAL. 123460109 FIREWOOD COLLECTORS IN INDIA Acrylic ink painting from a visit to India. When travelling in the hills we met up with a line of ladies in saris carrying firewood they had collected. Framed 24" x 20" . SOLD WORSTEAD FESTIVAL.. 155666812