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I studied in Bournemouth learning the skills of watercolour, when a love of flower painting developed from the natural history tutor Lorna Byron, culminating in membership of the Society of Floral Painters.  Further knowledge accrued from courses in Bournemouth in Art and Design, abstract techniques and mixed media.

 Taking the winter months as an opportunity to experiment I have developed a unique style of layered acrylic colours often textured, creating contemporary floral, impressionist garden and spiritual subjects.  

Another love is developing sketchbooks from a monthly study in my garden, to church visits and foreign travels from as far away as India and South Africa.

 Recently I have discovered the unusual support of Lana Vanguard which lends itself to wet on wet work whether watercolour of acrylic ink.

 I am currently living and working in Norfolk, member of the following active societies:

-      North Norfolk Organisation of Visual Artists (NOVA)

-      West Norfolk Artists Association (WNAA)

-      Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle (NNAC)

 Recently retiring from teaching regular local workshops and classes, I am however still available for occasional group workshops and demonstrations in watercolour and acrylic.